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    Rebecca Vignette and Inscription

    Tomblets™ - About Us

    Tomblets™ is part of Collins Clayton & Co, based in Campbeltown, Argyll, by the Mull of Kintyre. A small, specialist company, Collins Clayton & Co is itself owned and run by members of the same family that first founded it in 1801.

    The unique engraving technology that makes engraving a Tomblets™ possible was developed specifically on from a fine glass engraving system to allow us to engrave photographs into stone. Altogether, the state of the art, it produces a far finer resolution than other methods of mechanical engraving and actually cuts into the stone, unlike laser "engraving", which is merely a surface finish.

    Each Tomblets™ photographic image is unique to the client. Individually prepared by a skilled craftsman, the image is carefully engraved using hand held equipment to ensure the highest possible quality. After engraving, the Tomblets™ plaque is then hand finished and carefully packed for protection during delivery.

    About Granite

    Our material, granite, has been chosen for centuries by man for its extreme durability. One of the very hardest materials available to us, it has a deep lustre brought to life by careful polishing and will, with a little care, last virtually for ever.

    The photograph itself, and the inscription, are cut deeply into the surface of the stone and then infilled and cut back to reveal every detail.

    With this combination of the very toughest of materials and the latest of engraving techniques, we truly do mean it when we say...

    Memories, cut in stone, for all time

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