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Tomblets™ come in two main types, Home Memorials and Headstone Photoplaques.


Tomblets™ Home Memorials are primarily conceived, as the name implies, to be kept at home. Whilst they are made of black granite and they are permanent memorials, Home Memorials have been carefully designed to have a subtle presence and to be of a size and style to be perfectly at home... at home. Freestanding and looking more like a high class photograph than an obvious memorial, each Home Memorial has a photograph and a brief inscription (optional) included on the front and an option for a further and possibly more detailed inscription on the back. It is supplied in an an attractive presentation box.

N.B. The Home Memorial is also weatherproof and suitable for use outside.


Tomblets™ Headstone Photoplaques feature the same high standards of finish as the Home Memorials, but they are not freestanding and are designed to be permanently fitted to a full size memorial. The standard cost of each plaque includes a single photograph only (which can be of a couple or a pet, a fishing boat, etc)... but, as they are all individually designed and hand made, additional photographs and images or inscriptions can be added at modest extra cost. Our order form only allows for standard photos but please feel free to ring us and discuss any special requests. We are very aware of how really personal each memorial is and are always happy to oblige.

Headstone Photoplaques are usually fitted by the memorial mason when the stone is first erected, but they are also suitable for later, DIY, fitting and full instructions are supplied.


Underlying each Tomblets™ Plaque, whether for use at home or in a cemetery, is our Photographic Service. Often starting with a simple snapshot that was never intended for formal use, we routinely repair and enhance photographs, take out unsuitable backgrounds or additional people and often recreate bits that were slightly cropped such as the top of someones hair, or a hidden ear. We also regularly combine photographs taking different originals of each partner in a couple and carefully combining them to make one image that looks every bit as though they were photographed together. Whatever the starting point, we are experts in manipulating images and we take great care in the quality of each and every final portrait that we engrave.

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